Sunday, November 12, 2006


One has to distinguish, whether one likes it or not, between genuine culture and pseudo-civility, the respective attributes of metaphysics and antimetachemistry at the northeast point of what I like to think of as the intercardinal axial compass, and pseudo-culture and genuine civility, the respective attributes of physics and antichemistry at the southeast point of the said compass. For not only are these pairings distinct from each other, but they appertain to two diametrically antithetical axes, the church-hegemonic/state-subordinate axis that also embraces, at its southwest point, chemistry and antiphysics, or pseudo-barbarity and genuine philistinism, and the state-hegemonic/church-subordinate axis that also embraces, at its northwest point, metachemistry and antimetaphysics, barbarity and pseudo-philistinism. That said, it should be evident that a polarity between philistinism and culture on the one hand and pseudo-barbarity and pseudo-civility on the other ... should not be confounded with the polarity between barbarity and civility on the one hand and pseudo-philistinism and pseudo-culture on the other.... The polarities of each axis are as distinct as their respective components, and that is why they rarely or never see eye-to-eye, as it were, across the axial divide, but remain symptomatic of ethnic incompatibility and rivalry. But pseudo-culture and civility (the genuine article) are no less guilty of hyping the pseudo-cultural element to the standing of genuine culture than they are of hyping Man to the standing of God. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your standpoint, there is all the axial difference in the world - and even above it - between these two superficially parallel but diametrically incompatible elements! Pseudo-culture is not and never has been or ever will be genuinely cultural, but the worldly opponent of such culture that puts commercial considerations above the truth or, at the very least, the artist's endeavour to be as sincere and honest in his pursuance of self-enlightenment, of self-discovery, as he possibly can be. No one who has been published in book form on the basis of commercial expedience or in relation to commercial sense is or ever can be a genuine artist, a purveyor of genuine culture. Books are illustrative of pseudo-culture in the pocket of civility and are axially beholden to pseudo-philistinism in the pocket (hegemonically speaking) of barbarity. They are no more expressive of genuine culture (coupled to pseudo-civility) than Man is expressive of God. And by 'God' I do not mean Devil the Mother hyped as God (in metachemistry), but the genuine metaphysical article, which is God the Father in metaphysical free psyche and the Son of God in metaphysical bound soma, psyche preceding soma as 'father' preceding 'son' in male actuality. The Son of Man, which is the more prevalent take on humanism, is not even on the physically free-psychic level of Man the Father, an almost unheard of term. But he is still hyped nonetheless, like the bullshit that passes for truth or, in colloquial terms, for bullgas.


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