Sunday, November 12, 2006


Just as the phrase 'sonofabitch' is logically incorrect, insofar as one can only be an 'antison' of a 'bitch' in the sense of that which antichristically lines up either as antimetaphysics under metachemistry or as antiphysics under chemistry, the hegemonic position of somatic freedom being in each case female and, hence a 'mother', so such terribly populist terms-of-abuse as 'motherfucking' and 'motherfucker' are completely illogical as far as their relevance to the contexts - metachemical or chemical - of 'mothers' is concerned. In fact, such expressions simply mirror the instinctive or instinctual nature of expletives generally. For, in reality, both the metachemical and chemical positions should be identified with the specifically female attributes, in noumenal objectivity and phenomenal objectivity, of somatic licence, which are 'frigging' in the one case and 'sucking' in the other. Hence the phrase 'motherfrigging' for metachemical objectivity and 'mothersucking' for chemical objectivity would be logically more sustainable than the populist - albeit aggressively generalized - term, 'motherfucking'. But just as a somatically free 'antison' (not to mention psychically bound 'antifather') lines up under a somatically free 'mother' (not to mention psychically bound 'daughter') in both noumenal and phenomenal modes of sensuality, and more gender representatively in terms of antisensibility than of sensuality, so one could - though not necessarily should - speak of an 'antisnogging-antison' in the case of antimetaphysical antisubjectivity and an 'antifucking-antison' in the case of antiphysical antisubjectivity, the antimale free-somatic converse, in each case, of a hegemonic 'snogging-son' in metaphysical sensibility and a hegemonic 'fucking-son' in physical sensibility, not to mention of a 'snogging-father' and a 'fucking-father' where the free psychic aspects of such metaphysical and physical hegemonies are concerned. For free psyche is simply the concomitant of bound soma, which both the metaphysical and physical 'sons' are illustrative of. However that may be, the corollary, from an antifemale standpoint, of metaphysics is antimetachemistry and hence what could vis-a-vis the 'son' be called an 'antifrigging-antimother', whereas the corollary of physics is antichemistry and hence what could vis-a-vis the 'son' be called an 'antisucking-antimother'. Thus, even without reference to 'antidaughter' positions in both antimetachemistry and antichemistry, both of which would have more to do, under male-hegemonic pressures, with free psyche than bound soma, the overall perspective on such terms is far more complex than a simple generalized - and fundamentally irrational - instinctive reductionism would have us believe. Just as 'sons-of-bitches' only exist in the imagination of those who resort to such language, so such complementary terminology as 'motherfucking' and 'motherfucker' fail to stand up to logical scrutiny. Yet, in the heat of the moment, such instinctive populism as passes muster will always curry favour with the broad masses at the expense of that which only flows, after all, from a considered analysis by a mind at an intellectual remove from expletive instinct, and therefore determined not only to apply more apposite terminology - no matter how unpleasant such terms may be - but to broaden out the perspective until every factor is embraced and one can see why such and such a term has specific applicability to only one point or position on the overall compass, so to speak, of alternative options.


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