Sunday, November 12, 2006


The wonder about this world is that civilization has advanced as far as it has - admittedly not everywhere and not in the same ways - in spite of what males are up against vis-a-vis females. For females are programmed, by nature, to get the better of males and more often than not they do, with depressingly predictable consequences! Yet males are still able to carry on the struggle for civilization, meaning principally culture and civility, which is no small achievement in the circumstances, since civilization only develops at the expense of nature and all that is behind it in the Cosmos, pretty much as man at the expense of woman and the Devil. But ultimately civilization only develops to its cultural maximum in God, Who is beyond man, and therefore even man must eventually submit to the will of God if not merely woman but the Devil is to be defeated. And by 'the Devil' I do not mean Satan or any other false conception of evil rooted in an antimetaphysical 'fall guy' for diabolic denigration from 'on high', but the metachemical 'first mover' whom I have consistently identified, in my writings, with Devil the Mother (hyped as God), whether in the Cosmos, in nature, in mankind, or, from a contemporary camera-besotted standpoint, in Cyborgkind, where one could say that She is least rather than less (in relation to least), more (in relation to most) or most somatically free, as She assuredly is in Her cosmic manifestation. But this hype of Devil the Mother as God is what bedevils conventional religion and ensures that what properly appertains to godliness, in metaphysics, is given a raw and usually somewhat partial deal, a deal unable to transcend bound metaphysical soma for want of free metaphysical psyche relative to itself. Only the repudiation of the false Father of Devil the Mother hyped as God can lead to the full complement of godliness, as it were, in metaphysics, and then only for males, since metaphysical free psyche and bound soma is a profoundly male actuality that requires a subordinate - and necessarily upended femaleness - in the guise of antimetachemistry, the Antidevilish complement of true godliness which, in truth, is less female than antifemale in character and therefore the opposite of everything somatically free and psychically bound. Thus if God and the Devil are antithetical, they are so on an alpha/omega basis, not on what could be called an alpha/anti-omega basis for metachemistry and antimetaphysics, still less on an omega/anti-alpha basis commensurate with metaphysics and antimetachemistry. What 'hangs together' in either sensuality or sensibility, the outer somatically-dominated context of space/anti-time or the inner psychically-dominated context of time/anti-space, is Devil and Antigod in the one case, that of metachemistry and antimetaphysics, and God and the Antidevil in the other case, that of metaphysics and antimetachemistry, and each pairing is mutually exclusive of its antithesis. Therefore in a 'world' where God is hegemonically triumphant over the Antidevil, there can be no Antigod subordinate to a hegemonic Devil ... the Mother. Such metachemistry and antimetaphysics will simply cease to theologically exist or to be acknowledged. They will have been consigned, along with everything else that stands in the way of godliness and antidevilishness, to the 'rubbish heap' of history. And this will happen, when it happens, democratically, by dint of a majority mandate for religious sovereignty in paradoxical elections designed to deliver the people from every last manifestation of the Devil and Antigod and empower them with rights in relation to God and the Antidevil, both of which will only fully or properly materialize when the people are in a position to live either a godly or, in the antifemale case, an antidevilish kind of existence, as explained in more detail in various of my mature philosophical works. See Opera D'Oeuvre and, more specifically, Metaphysical Megatruth.


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