Saturday, November 18, 2006


Just as fire and water line up on the female, or objective, side of life against vegetation (earth) and air, their male, or subjective, counterparts, which have more to do with a convergent plenum than with a divergent vacuum, as in the distinction between phallus and vagina, 'balls' and 'cunt', so it could be said that the unconscious and the subconscious line up on a like basis against consciousness and superconsciousness, with a noumenal antithesis between the unconscious and the superconscious, will and soul, on the ethereal planes of space and time, but a phenomenal antithesis between the subconscious and the conscious, spirit and ego, on the corporeal planes of volume and mass. Hence fire and air are the alpha and omega of the noumenal planes, water and vegetation (earth) the alpha and omega of the phenomenal ones. But, in practice, either the alpha gets the better of the omega, establishing a sensual/antisensible correspondence between will and antisoul, the unconscious and the anti-superconscious, on the planes of space and antitime, and between spirit and anti-ego, the subconscious and the anticonscious, on the planes of volume and antimass, or, alternatively, the omega, premised upon an urban rather than a natural precondition, gets the better of the alpha, establishing a sensible/antisensual correspondence between soul and antiwill, the superconscious and the anti-unconscious, on the planes of time and antispace, and between ego and antispirit, the conscious and the anti-subconscious, on the planes of mass and antivolume. For the one gender can only be hegemonically ascendant at the expense of the other, which means that either females sensually triumph over antimales, whether unequivocally in space or equivocally in volume, or, by sensible contrast, males triumph over antifemales, whether equivocally in mass or unequivocally in time. Thus what has been called anticonsciousness in the one case (phenomenal) and anti-superconsciousness in the other case (noumenal) are products of female domination through either the subconscious (phenomenal) or the unconscious (noumenal), anti-ego antiphysically subordinate to the chemical hegemony of spirit, and antisoul antimetaphysically subordinate to the metachemical hegemony of will. By contrast, what has been called anti-unconsciousness in the one case (noumenal) and anti-subconsciousness in the other case (phenomenal) are products of male domination through either the superconscious (noumenal) or the conscious (phenomenal), antiwill antimetachemically subordinate to the metaphysical hegemony of soul, and antispirit antichemically subordinate to the physical hegemony of ego. However, only the unequivocal hegemony of metaphysics over antimetachemistry permits mind to truly flourish in superconscious freedom of anti-unconsciousness, its antifemale counterpart. The equivocal hegemony of physics over antichemistry, on the other hand, tends to fall victim to axial subversion at the behest of metachemistry over antimetaphysics, and therefore such egocentric consciousness as obtains is usually vitiated by anti-subconsciousness to the greater glory or, rather, power of the unconscious. For where the unconscious is sovereign, even consciousness must toe an anti-subconscious line.



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