Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Not so long ago, in an aphoristic entry entitled 'Concerning a Distinction between the Religious Few and the Religiously Sovereign One', I made the mistake, unusual for me, of subsuming the antifemale position in antimetachemistry into the concept of Oneness in relation to the male hegemonic position in metaphysics, and this in spite of customary differentials between the two supra-human contexts, such as time and antispace or, indeed, the Celestial City and Anti-Vanity Fair. Doubtless part of the reason for this was the existence of the concept Few in relation to the serving elite, who would constitute an administrative aside, so to speak, to the religious rights and experiences of the religiously sovereign supra-human entities of the Centre-proper; but another reason was that I just hadn't formulated an adequate distinction, at the time, between the two supra-human contexts that would have done justice to it in terms of what properly appertained to the One, namely the metaphysical, and what was correlative of it in relation to the antimetachemical. Since then, however, I have had plenty of time in which to revaluate the situation and, true to my long-standing methodology, I have come up with the ingenious concept of the Anti-Not-One as the most appropriate description of that which, appertaining to the upended female in antimetachemistry (the noumenal antifemale) should be regarded as complementing the One of those for whom metaphysical self-realization is the name of the church-hegemonic game. Therefore not just a distinction, at the northeast point of the intercardinal axial compass, between the Few and the One, the serving and the served, but a further distinction between the One and the Anti-Not-One, the latter of whom, being antimetachemical, will be contrary to Not-Oneness, as typifying that which appertains to metachemistry in relation to free soma. Therefore the metaphysical/antimetachemical complementariness of noumenal male and noumenal antifemale elements at the northeast point of our intercardinal axial compass is most assuredly more and less than just the One: it is to be thought of in terms of metaphysical oneness and antimetachemical anti-not-oneness, the latter of which is contrary, in bound soma, to all that is freely somatic at the northwest point of the said compass, with specific reference to the unequivocally hegemonic position of metachemistry, as appertaining to noumenal females. If Oneness has to do with the Self, with psyche, then Not-Oneness is most assuredly its somatic antithesis which, in the past, I have identified with the concept Not-Self. Hence the Not-Self is not only that which cannot be identified with the Self; it is contrary to it in relation to soma and therefore originates on a female-hegemonic basis in metachemistry in which soma takes precedence over psyche as Not-Self over Self, the former free and the latter bound to it in what, elsewhere, I have described as church-subordinate fashion. For the Not-Self is the root of all that is if not state absolutist then, at the very least, state hegemonic. But the Anti-Not-Self, having to do with bound soma and, by extrapolation, free psyche, can only materialize in relation to the hegemonic triumph of the Self and, hence, of metaphysics at the northeast point of the intercardinal axial compass, and where the triumph of the Self is primarily about free psyche, the vanquishing of the Not-Self in terms of the Anti-Not-Self can only be primarily, if not rhetorically, about bound soma, since the unequivocal hegemony of noumenal male criteria in metaphysics is only possible on the basis of the constraining of females to noumenal antifemale criteria in antimetachemistry, thereby not only upending them in relation to bound soma and free psyche (or the church-hegemonic rhetoric of free psyche and bound soma), but opposing them to whatever is contrary to that in metachemistry. Thus the overall context of the religiously sovereign would be divisible between the One and the Anti-Not-One, between free psyche (with a concomitant degree of bound soma) for noumenal males and bound soma (with a degree of spin-off free psyche) for noumenal antifemales, the cultivation of the Self to ever-greater degrees of universal Onenesss requiring the correlative curtailment, in antifemales, of the Not-Self to ever-greater degrees of what could be termed antipolyversal Anti-Not-Oneness. For whereas cultivation of the Self makes for increased unity in undifferentiated subjectivity of a wavicle cohesiveness, the curtailment of the Not-Self ensures that soma is not in a metachemical position to foster polyversal differentiation on the basis of particle disjunctiveness attendant upon a vacuous objectivity at its spatial roots. And whereas with metachemistry and antimetaphysics at the northwest point of the intercardinal axial compass one has a situation whereby the Not-One and what could be called, for the noumenal antimale, the Anti-One rule over the Few, or those whose aristocratic allegiance is to the prevailing royalty, with metaphysics and antimetachemistry at the northeast point of the said compass, by contrast, one has - or will have - a situation in which the Few, or those whose technocratic allegiance is to the religiously sovereign, serve under the One and the Anti-Not-One, pledged to protect and advance their religiously sovereign rights for all Eternity and Anti-Infinity, for all time and antispace, until such time as the metaphysical oneness of superbeing transcendence achieves its space-centre apotheosis, as it were, in an ultrabeingful universality of definitive Oneness, the ultimate godly individualism, and the antimetachemical anti-not-oneness of anti-superdoing antimaterialism likewise attains, in the slipstream of what properly obtains in metaphysics, an anti-ultradoingful antipolyversality of definitive Not-Oneness, the ultimate antidevilish anti-collectivism, as the Celestial City achieves the maximum of evolutionary being in the utmost psychic freedom and the Anti-Vanity Fair is correlatively brought to the maximum of counter-devolutionary antidoing in the utmost somatic binding. Then and only then will one have the Omega Point and the Anti-Alpha Point as the culmination of things Superchristian and Anti-Superheathen.


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