Monday, December 18, 2006


One thing the godly individual, who is metaphysical, can't be, and that is culturally or creatively in the liberal democrat's or the social democrat's economic pocket. I have not sought publication for my writings in book form because, quite apart from my lack of commercial appeal as a truth-oriented writer of Irish stock, I would only end up in the bourgeois humanist's or the proletarian humanist's economic pocket, and that is no place for the godly individual to be! Books, whether hardback or softback, liberally relativistic or socially absolutist, have no professional or commercial appeal for me. I despise them and their humanistic dupes and perpetrators! The book has no place in the sphere of godliness, and that includes the so-called Book of Books, the Bible which, as (I was going to say 'we all know', but that is evidently not necessarily the case) I have long maintained, is rooted in God's opposite, the Devil, meaning - contrary to popular if not populist presumption - Devil the Mother hyped as God the Father, and extends, New Testament-wise, only as far as an extrapolation from such a Devil which is better known as the Son, though doubtfully of God! since this Son is unable to transcend himself (something, in any case, the Son is in no position to do), but is both the mark and the end of the Western road in religious terms. Frankly, this netherworldly alpha to worldly omega of things religious is not enough! Even the Catholic postulate of otherworldly omega in the Resurrected is a Son, and therefore significant of metaphysical bound soma rather than of free psyche which, in the West, has never existed independently of metachemistry (or Devil the Mother hyped as God), as, by elitist contrast, in parts of the TM-oriented East, where nothing like Jehovah has existed in the religious tradition to hold metaphysical ego back from expressing itself in the interests of soul. But all this is rather beside the initial point; which was about the incompatibility of books with godliness and the irrelevance of both liberal democratic and social democratic criteria to the sphere of metaphysics, which is rather to be thought of as social theocratic, even if it may have to pass through a comparatively liberal phase in which a degree of pluralism exists prior to long-term centro-complexification which may well be more totalitarian in character. We shall just have to wait and see! But the godly individual will continue to take books with a considerable pinch of salt as he pursues his internet-oriented e-book or, rather, e-scroll vocation independently of book publication and, hence, of market forces and/or commercial pressures. The Truth - or that which is properly germane to metaphysics, particularly to metaphysics of a synthetically artificial and therefore properly or definitively universal order - is not to be found in books, and those who are looking for it there are going, later if not sooner, to be sorely disappointed!


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