Monday, December 18, 2006


I like to distinguish between the Few and the One at the northeast point of the intercardinal axial compass that I am always citing these days, and principally in terms of the Leaders and the Led or, more to the future point, the Served, who would appertain to the Saved and the Counter-Damned in a framework characterized by religious sovereignty. Hence the Servants of the People are more of the Few than of the One, since they would remain outside the sphere of religiously sovereign centro-complexification as so many personally cyborgized individuals whose duty it was to serve those earmarked, as religiously sovereign, for cyborg universality, that is, for transmutation from what they had been at the southwest point of the intercardinal axial compass, namely the Many, into what they were destined to become at its northeast point in relation to revolutionary church-hegemonic/state-subordinate axial criteria - namely, the aforementioned One. For centro-complexification will require that the saved (male) and counter-damned (antifemale) masses be transformed, by degrees, into supra-human communes in which any given artificially supported and sustained individual will be germane to the One, however many brains or new brains or brain-stem/spinal-chord aspects of a given brain may happen to be simultaneously 'housed' in the supra-human commune of what, in the past, I have tended to term a superbeing, meaning the communal entity in general, including its support and sustain features. Such a superbeing would be germane to universal oneness even as its servants, in the administrative aside to the Centre proper of supra-human experience, continued to operate as, in effect, the Few. For, as intimated above, they would be personally cyborgized, not communally or universally cyborgized, and would always be at an administrative and protective remove from the focus of supra-human advancement, rather like shepherds tending their flock and overseeing its 'spiritual' grazing, so to speak. But such a superbeing entity, constitutive of a kind of communal unity of religious purpose, would still be germane to universal oneness even as it co-existed, on the earth and perhaps even in the same city and/or country, with other such superbeingful entities, who would also have their respective administrators and protectors. 'Heaven on earth', in this particular ideological context which I like to think of as being the most credible projection of evolutionary progress for the future, would always be relative, never absolute; for there would almost certainly be a number of superbeing communes in existence on different parts of the earth that only had the potential for definitive universality in a Oneness Supreme such that, by definition, could not emerge on the earth but only beyond it ... in space ... as the destiny of all earthly communes. Consequently while 'heaven on earth' is a precondition of Heaven per se, which can only be set in space in space centres or, more desirably, a definitive Space Centre, it is not something that can be regarded as an end-in-itself, but only as a means to a higher end such that earth centres can be transformed into over the course of eternity, being transported, via shuttle-like arrangements, to outer space where the possibility of their further centro-complexification can be fully realized in relation to an ultimate Space Centre the sum-product of all earth centres, which will be more absolutely representative of universal oneness and therefore be capable of sustaining and supporting a beingfulness in the metaphysically free which will be nothing short of ultimate and more properly germane, in consequence, to what could be termed ultrabeings, their antimetachemical antifemale counterparts less super-antidoings by then than ultra-antidoings in correlative bound somatic deference to the free psyche metaphysically obtaining above them on the plane not of antispace so much as of time, which will be less germane to Anti-Vanity Fair than to the Celestial City, and therefore constitute the higher aspect of that Oneness which will be led by theocracy though also embrace a degree of anti-aristocracy in its antimetachemical elements. Yet a core of what may be called the ultra-technocratic Few will continue, on an enhanced cyborg basis, to serve the interests of the theocratic/anti-aristocratic One - in complete contrast to the rule of the aristocratic/antitheocratic - if not, in free soma, autocratic/antitechnocratic - Few by the ultra-autocratic One of metachemical/antimetaphysical tradition on the northwest point of the intercardinal axial compass.


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