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Whether in relation to metachemistry over antimetaphysics at the northwest point of the intercardinal axial compass, to chemistry over antiphysics at the southwest point of the said compass, to physics over antichemistry at its southeast point, or to metaphysics over antimetachemistry at the northeast, each point is divisible between a hegemonic gender position and a subservient, upended gender position in such fashion that we can distinguish between victors and victims, the hegemonic victors and the subservient victims. For life would seem to be divisible between these two options, even though there are a number of different permutations in which they materialize or operate. Either soma gets the better of psyche in sensuality, and we have a distinction between the Not-One and the Anti-One at both noumenal and phenomenal points of the intercardinal axial compass, or psyche gets the better of soma in sensibility, and we have a distinction between the One and the Anti-Not-One at both phenomenal and noumenal points of the said compass, the former divisible between the sensuality of the Not-One and the antisensibility of the Anti-One; the latter between the sensibility of the One and the antisensuality of the Anti-Not-One. Therefore victors, corresponding to the hegemonic positions, will be either metachemical, chemical, physical, or metaphysical, while their victims, corresponding to the underplane subservient positions, will be either antimetaphysical, antiphysical, antichemical, or antimetachemical, depending on the exact point of the intercardinal axial compass. The victory of free soma over bound psyche is a victory for heathen values, whether noumenal or phenomenal, ethereal or corporeal, at the expense of antichristian values, whereas the victory of free psyche over bound soma is a victory for Christian values, whether phenomenal or noumenal, corporeal or ethereal, at the expense of antiheathen values. Our age is one in which, thanks to medial like television and film, heathen values tend to prevail at the expense of antichristian ones, but a time must surely come when this situation will be reversed and Christian values, duly resurrected in a superchristian mould, will get the better of their antiheathen counterparts, obliging bound soma to defer to free psyche in the interests of all, including culture and civility, that is best in civilization. Then, as now, something of the hegemonic position will rub off onto the subservient, upended position, but the two positions will remain, as now, quite distinct according to gender. The Antimetachemical may not be as partial to truth and joy as the Metaphysical, but their opposition to beauty and love, not to mention ugliness and hatred, will ensure a deference to truth and joy, not to mention illusion and woe, that would not otherwise materialize or be possible. The Anti-Not-One will lie down with the One, as Anti-Vanity Fair with the Celestial City, and thus defer to the victor's triumph as an honourable victim, one who though not godly will be so far from anything devilish as to be effectively antidevilish in her antifemale subjection to male hegemonic criteria. The triumph of metaphysics over antimetachemistry will signify the triumph of the ultimate victor over the ultimate victim and, eventually, it will be the sole victor over the sole victim as God and the Antidevil supersede all that is not only axially polar to themselves in post-worldly manifestations of woman in chemistry (duly subverted to psychic emphasis) and antiman in antiphysics, but contrary and opposed to them on the state-hegemonic/church-subordinate axis of the Devil and Antigod in metachemistry over antimetaphysics and man and antiwoman in physics (duly subverted to somatic emphasis) and antichemistry. For the end of the world in relation to the triumph of Heaven and Antihell will also put an end to the netherworldly rule of Hell and Antiheaven over the world, both directly, in axial relation to physics and antichemistry, and indirectly, in inter-axial exploitative relation to chemistry and antiphysics, whose worldly standing - excluding axial subversion - is less omega and anti-alpha than alpha and anti-omega and is therefore directly capable of being overcome once the church-hegemonic/state-subordinate axis gets its act together so conclusively as to provide a lasting salvation and counter-damnation to all who, identifiable with the phenomenal not-one and the phenomenal anti-one, can be delivered from their lowly plight at the southwest point of the intercardinal axial compass to the divine and antidiabolic heights of its northeast point as a matter of moral and eschatological necessity. Then the victimized 'last' of antiphysical anti-self will be metaphysically 'first' in noumenal self, while the victorious 'first' of chemical not-self will be antimetachemically 'last' in noumenal anti-not-self, the psychically bound becoming psychically free and the somatically free somatically bound. So be it!


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I like writing. I do. And, I have to tell you, I am certain you draw many people to you. However, I had to look at the dictionary four times in the first paragraph. Wow!
O.k., so, if you can tolerate me asking a million questions, and I can have you explain the answer to me in language just a bit lower than the philosophical, we can be friends and discuss stuff. Deal?

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