Sunday, November 19, 2006


From the standpoint of soul, which is metaphysical, will is something to avoid, pretty much as contentment is only possible if one steers clear (the word is not exactly apposite, but never mind!) of power or, at any rate, an unduly rigorous commitment to the pursuit of power. Likewise, from the standpoint of the ego, which is physical, spirit is something to avoid, pretty much as form is only possible if one steers clear of glory or, at any rate, an unduly rigorous commitment to the pursuit of glory. For spirit and ego are no less phenomenally incompatible, in relation to the planes of volume and mass, than will and soul, their noumenal counterparts in relation to the planes of space and time, and therefore any commitment to either soul or ego on the part of males, in particular, presupposes a rejection of will or spirit, depending on the class/plane context, and the correlative acceptance, in gender subordination, of antiwill or antispirit, as the antifemale case may be. For if that which appertains to air or vegetation (earth) is to be hegemonically triumphant, whatever pertains to fire or water must be brought low and effectively upended, functioning in effect as either antifire vis-a-vis air or antiwater vis-a-vis vegetation. Now the converse of course applies to female hegemonies in sensuality, where either antisoul or anti-ego will be the subordinate corollary of will or spirit, as the class/plane case may be. But this is still to think independently of axial subversion of the phenomenal hegemonic factors via a contrary link, sensual to sensible or sensible to sensual, with their noumenal counterparts 'on high', which has the effect of switching the phenomenal emphasis either from soma to psyche or from psyche to soma, depending on whether metaphysics over antimetachemistry has control of antiphysics under chemistry on a northeast-to-southwest axis compatible with church-hegemonic (and state-subordinate) criteria or whether, on the contrary, metachemistry over antimetaphysics has control of antichemistry under physics on a northwest-to-southeast axis compatible with state-hegemonic (and church-subordinate) criteria. For the subversion of spirit by anti-ego at the behest of soul over antiwill is what makes salvation from anti-ego to soul psychically possible to antiphysical males, whereas the subversion of ego by antispirit at the behest of will over antisoul is what somatically precludes the damnation from will to antispirit of metachemical females, the axially correlative modes of counter-damnation of females and counter-salvation of males notwithstanding. Therefore, in the end, it is only the unequivocally hegemonic factors, whether wilfully metachemical or soulfully metaphysical, which rule or lead, as the axial case may be. And, because of this, they remain mutually exclusive and incompatible, which brings us back to our starting point and to the age-old knowledge that will is something to avoid from the standpoint of soul - as Schopenhauer himself well knew, albeit on somewhat pinched metaphysical terms.



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