Monday, December 18, 2006


In what I like to think of as the church-hegemonic/state-subordinate axial distinction - southwest to northeast - between Gaelic football and hurling, the former would seem symptomatic of all that, rock 'n' roll-like, is sensually loose or centrifugal or extrovert, and the latter of all that, in the best traditions of Irish folk music, is sensibly tight or centripetal or introvert ... or is it? Well, yes, up to a point, I guess you could say it is. But even if hurling is morally superior to Gaelic football, it is merely symptomatic of the Irish Catholic status quo, with priests and bibles and churches and all the rest of it. It is good but - and here's the rub from a Social Theocratic standpoint - not good enough to pass muster in supra-Western - and therefore properly global - terms. There is a strong suggestion of the point over the bar having its idealism vitiated by the materialism of the hurley, as though the all-too-extrapolative Christian paradigm of bound metaphysical soma in the Crucified, postulated as resurrected to the northeast point of the intercardinal axial compass, were being held in check by some free metachemical agent at its northwest, akin to what I have in the past called Devil the Mother hyped as God (the Father) in typically paradoxical Catholic fashion. In other words, such subjectivity as transpires, wine or even stout-like, in the idealistic point between the uprights over the crossbar is compromised by a whiskey-like factor in back of everything Christian that precludes its ever attaining to anything like true transcendence (for which, in any case, a metaphysically free psychic repudiation of all metachemical free soma is a prerequisite) and ensures that hurling, for all its idealistic pretensions at the northeast point of our intercardinal axial compass, remains firmly in the grip of northwest materialism as the rugby, so to speak, of Irish sport, with implications rather more Christian than heathen, to be sure, but nonetheless characteristic of what is un- in not anti-people. Frankly, I have little time for this! I am neither in favour of the RC elite, who represent the paradoxes of traditional values, nor of what they would call the sinful Catholic masses whose passion is for Gaelic football. What I do favour, as a self-professed Social Theocrat, is the salvation and counter-damnation (according to gender) of the latter to a position akin to that of the former, the RC elite, except that it would not be in relation to hurling but to an indoor transmutation of Gaelic which would enable 'the last' to be 'first', and in a completely new way such that the RC tradition was never able to achieve. Such is the logic of revolution, and I firmly believe in the desirability of a democratically-engineered Social Theocratic revolution such that takes noumenal sensibility to altogether new heights of idealism - heights that are actually open to transcendentalism and precisely because transcendentalism is the lead string in what would amount to a true Father whose 'Son' was in no degree a mere extrapolation from Devil the Mother hyped as God but, transcending Western criteria, the logical corollary, in metaphysical bound soma, of a freely psychic metaphysical precondition, the state-subordinate idealism to a church-hegemonic transcendentalism which would be free, for ever more, of all fundamentalist and materialist subversion or vitiation, and therefore properly universal within a global framework, as alluded to above.


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